Get your Covid Passport
before DeSantis shuts me down!

CDC says if you're vaccinated, your risk of Corona infection is GREATLY reduced. If more people were vaccinated, we could GO BACK TO NORMAL! NO MASKS, NO DISTANCING!

Why you need this

When you got your vaccine you got a card. It's got your name on it, but no picture. Plus it's too big to fit in your wallet. It's a valuable document though! How would you relpace it if it turned to pulp folded up in your wallet or pocket? Our ID card is laminated and wallet sized. It has a slightly reduced but legible copy of the vaccine card on one side, and a picture of you on the other. Acceptable for cruise lines, bars, etc.

How about the buttons or key fob?

There is a PR campaign of lies to discredit the vaccine. Although nearly all deaths and hospitalizations now are among the unvaccinated, there still could be even more mutations if we keep this thing around long enough. The button and fob aren't as good as ID for going on a cruise or concert, but it shows you support experts, not witch doctors.

How we give you proof of Corona / Covid-19 Vaccination

Upload a "Selfie" of you holding your vaccination card under your chin. We will reproduce that image in any of 3 formats:

The Card

A laminated ID card with a slightly reduced copy of your vaccine certificate on one side, and your "selfie" on the other. The Plague Free Passport is proof of vaccination AND picture ID!

The Key Fob

A plastic keyring with the same info

The Button

A 1 1/4 inch button with a copy of that selfie, with "I'm Plague Free!" and "Got It!" on it

Is this an official government document?

This has nothing to do with the government or anybody else. This is purely a private enterprise.

Can establishments make me have vaccine proof to enter?

Establishments PROBABLY cannot refuse service to people without Plague Free Passports, but they MIGHT require masks for people who don't have one.

Then again, if you can refuse to bake a cake, maybe you can run a bar where people can take off their masks and act normal, without worrying about dying.

You could also run a bar where just anybody can come in: in which case odds predict SOMEBODY is going to catch Covid there. I support the freedom to do both!